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♫ B l o o m s A g a i n }}
This is astrialite's random sharing journal for posting various translations and downloads of things of my interest. I mainly concentrate on uploading more obscure things - drama CDs, RAWs of unscanlated manga, magazine scans, etc etc. I'm quite ADD, so don't expect me to regularly update or consistently stick to a series at all. Most downloads are locked, so please join the community to view them.

»»Use the tags to find stuff.
»None of these uploads were scanned or ripped by me originally.
»»I try my best to avoid uploading things that other people would like to keep in their own sharing journals, but I might accidentally overlook things sometimes. If you see something that's yours and you'd like credit or for it to be removed, please tell me and I'll do so.
»»All translations are C>E. I'm slowly studying Japanese, but all my proficiency is good for right now is doing some vague translation checks with the Japanese version.
»»Comments are nice and motivate me to post more.
»»No need to credit me for uploads if you're redistributing.
»»I'd like a little credit/link back if you're reposting translations, though.
»»Thanks for visiting!


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